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I wanted to testify your professionalism, your patience and kindness, I wish you every success in your business. M.THEROND

Very nice people, still available (even a saturday evening for a visit). I bought in Varages in 2013 and i found them very professionnal. I recommand this real estate ! Thank you both. C.PLA

An agency available who knows the local real estate market. Good follow up throughout the transaction and good exchanges. Thank You ! R.LE GRATIET

A availability always present, of good humor and professionalism. Always listening as well before, during and after a real estate sale! Don't change anything! I wish you prosperity and success in your agency. Thank you for all your tips and your information which I have been valuable. S.BIANCHERI

Thank you for your patience, your home always very pleasant and at any time. I am delighted with my purchase and ca thanks to you. A lot of professionalism and it was a pleasure to do business with your agency. Good continuation in your projects. R.SALINARO

Pretty village, Varages : grocery stores of village, restaurants of village, but also, which is rare, a real estate agency of village in the hands of two lovely young women simple, efficient, friendly and available. P.BARDOT

Thank you to Ambre for the agency of arm for his patient ,its availability, his kindness, his perseverance if we have an agency to advise it is well the agency sources. Thank you for everything.  M & Mrs MARALE

Thank you to Ambre for his kindness and professionalism the agency of sources is of good council. J.BEROUD

One thank you to Marie who struggled from the beginning to the end for this acquisition, as well as for her helpfulness and her patience ! An always available agency, very professional, with a very good contact, which we recommend ! M-E. DELGRANGE

Very Good contact, very professional and friendly agent. Good advice, efficency, and sales conclusion.

Thank agency sources and his staff for their competence ans seriousness. They allowed me to sell my apartment Varages in good conditions despite the unfavorable economic situation. Thank again. M. RISACHER

It was a real pleasure to be supported by an available and qualified professional. I recommend to all my knewlegde, ambre, from Bras agency,  who was effective and available to listen. Thank you very much. B.LAGLAINE

Thank to Marie for its efficiency and dynamism. The sale was conducted smoothly and always with smile. C.GARCIN

Ladies BADET & ALLEONARD are real estate professionals. The effectiveness of the Agency sources is remarkable. I enjoyed the reception, listening, guidance and kindness of Amber and Mary. I wish them continued success in their business. Good continuation. J.HEBERT

The very first experience with this agency. Marie Badet was for our listening and helped us make our 8th acquisition successfully. We can underline: his knowledge of the sector, its pugnacity in the negotiation, its availability (very rare in the job) and especially the quality of the (flawless) service. Certainly not the last acquisition via the agency of sources! C.CORTES

Thanks to Ambre for its kindness, its perseverance and its skills. I shall have great pleasure to use still its services in a near future. And I recommend sincerely the Agency of the sources which gave me complete satisfaction. V.DOURLENS

A very pleasant welcome, an immediate understanding of our need, a clear proposal, a constant availability for the contacts and the visits with the sellers, in brief a very good service : the first proposal was the good one. Mr & Mrs MAGUET

The skill and the listening are the qualities which we found in this agency and which we recommend undoubtedly. We sold our house of Tavernes thanks to them. V.ROMANO

I recommend strongly this agency, I found the house of my Dreams!!! We were great well surrounded by Marie who really took care of all from A to Z, very patient, very professional, very competent, she always was for our listening and always present when we needed. We are very satisfied with the agency of sources. S.LOURENCO

Very good knowledge of the market. Interlocutor facilitating the relation between the parts and help in the conclusion, I can only recommend the Agency of Sources. R.MOISSON

Reception, council, availability, everything was the top!!!!!!! M & Mrs Georges

Marie and her team are very friendly, very welcoming, all went well, I highly recommend this agency ! J.HUXLEY

Agency which I would define as a family as its reception, appointment, dialogue etc ... is really remarkable. Although it was not the agency that had sold our property, I would recommend. Bravo. M & Mrs PENE

Very professionnal agency, very friendly team. M&Mrs TABUTIN

They are very competent ! I was able to sell and buy houses through them and it's always serious and efficient ! J.BLUME

I thank the agency of Bras which do a great work and which managed to sell my house in a record time ! G.PAPADOPOULOS

Serious, cooperative and available agency ! P.BAECHELEN

Excellent team, with a exceptional contact,  who make us in trust ! M & Mrs QUITTARD

Very good agency, sympathic and good woorking ! A.FAYADA

I would like to thanks the agency of sources for the sale of my village house in Ponteves. A perfect mastery at all stages of the procedure and ultimately a very friendly relationship. An agency that I recommend and to whom I wish the greatest success in his company. M&Mrs ADORA

Bravo for the reactivity and the speed of the sale. Thank you Ambre for the good mood and the smile. Very effective staff. You continue give good advice. M & Mrs AMBARD

I was very satisfied with the agency of sources, Marie is very competent I recommend particularly her agency and wish all the best to her. R.FABRE

Thank you Leslie who was very big efficiency for the sale of our house at Brue-Auriac. It is thanks to her that the sale was able to take place and not thanks to "the notarial team ". See you soon I hope. S.ALLEAXANDRE

Hello thank you for your seriousness, your implication, and your good mood. A professional agency and in the listening thank you for having allowed me to acquire this lznd. In any case it is an agency which I shall recommend and to see can be in a few years you confide my property for a sale. J.TORRES

The transaction was a little bit long and complicated but Ambre did not lose patience and held us regularly informed about the progress of the sale which finally came true ! Good understanding of our request and professionalism characterize this agency. M & Mrs BALLATORE

We were very satisfied with the professionalism and with Marie's good mood. The visit, the proposal of purchase, and all the follow-up between the compromise and the definitive bill of sale were conducted quickly and efficiently! And in more we found the house of our dreams. Order that I strongly recommend. M & Mrs CLAVIER

Very good contacts with the agency of Bras shared between warmheartedness and sympathy. A very satisfactory follow-up on behalf of the agency and the regular information as for the advance of our file. Very professional, this agency is completely the one that wish number of buyers and sellers. Thank you again for your seriousness !  P.GAUL

Thank you for having sold our affair of Bras so quickly, what was not so simple and to have made a follow-up of this one. Bargains for future ! M & Mrs COLSON

I want to thank Ambre for her professionalism, always in the listening and available. A person who is involved in her work and who keeps an excellent follow-up throughout the transaction, in the good mood. See you soon. D.RORATO

Thanks to all the team ! Kindness and always in the listening! Leaving nothing in spite of some concerns, I shall recommend without hesitating your agency, I wish you all one very bright future, you deserve it. One thank you every private individual with Ambre, my confidence was immediate and it has never betrayed it ! M. DI BERNARDO

One thank to Marie and Amber for their professionalism, their kindness and their precious help in the process of purchase of my main home. The agency of sources is definitively reference in the sector, the smile in addition ! P. DORE

I was twice a customer of the agency of sources for rent and to buy. Without wanting to seem laudative, 3 ladies of the agency, quite various and quite professional, are molded by relational and human qualities. They accompanied us even in difficult times without failing. One and even several big thank you. And congratulations. M & Mrs ROY

Thanks to Marie, Leslie and Ambre for their patience, their availability and their professionalism. An agency to be recommended everywhere, it we make regularly ! M & Mrs CHAVAGNE

We thank Ambre and al the Team for their availability, their kindness, their advice and especially to have made the link between the owners and us. We highly recommend the Agence des Sources for any transaction. M & Mrs NORMAND

I thank, the real estate of Bras and especially Ambre, with wich, I could have echanges of quality. She was Able to remain available, persevering and professional, throughout the transactions. I recommand without hesitation this agency effective and responsive. Good Continuation. K.KAZINSKI

We would like to warmly thank Ambre from the Bras real estate for his availability, her involvement and her professionalism. The small real estate of Bras has nothing to envy to the big one. Good continuation ! M & Mrs AZIZ

Thanks for kindly, disponibility, listening and professionalism. Thank you to find this house where ifeel so good. Hope you a great future ! I.MAGNE

We are very satisfied, Marie Badet is very disponible, good listenning and benevolent, we come back to her eyes closed. Thanks a lot.       L.ARMAND

Bravo at the service and reactivity from agence des sources Bras, it's good to work with professionals. Thank particulary Ambre who follow us from A to Z ! T.SICARD

A great THANK YOU to the real estate of the sources and especially to Leslie for his exemplary professionalism, kindness, patience, efficiency and responsiveness. I wish you all the best. M. BARBUTO

I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of these three young women, who live abroad it is not at all easy to manage any situation. I phoned often enough to get help, they did not have too much of a helping hand at all, apart from the sale of the house (account closure, insurance...) without the slightest annoyance, hats the girls! I wish you all the best and a thousand more thanks for all that you have done for me. C.GILLET

A very effective agency, a serious that allows buyers and sellers, a high level of service quality. Congratulations to Marie and her associates and good luck. F.GORGERIN

A huge thank you to theagence des sources and in particular to Leslie, a lovely and competent person, it is thanks to her that we found our happiness in Varages. Good continuation and very good holidays 2019 !!! M & Mme NEGREL

I hereby wish to express my satisfaction with your services. Thank you for this successful purchase ! C.VANACKERE

A lot of professionalism in this agency, this is the second house I entrust to the sale to Marie Badet and in 3 weeks, hop ! It is sold ! Very pleasant welcome, serious agency, thank you again and to the next ! I strongly recommend this agency. V.JOUANIN

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